Reflections of the Past: Aging Gracefully [photo gallery]

Aging is inevitable. Even the most energetic and strong teenagers will surely age after some time. However, aging is just physical. The hearts and souls of individuals do not change or age. The passions that individuals uphold will still remain even if they already have white hairs and wrinkles all over their faces. Photogtapher Tom Hussey captured the hidden things about aging through his photo series entitled ‘Reflections of the Past.’

The photos that he took reflect the concept that people just change physically. All the desires, passions, likes and dislikes or individuals remain as they grow old. According to Hussey, he was inspired by the statement uttered by a World War II veteran. The veteran, who is about 80 years, said that he did not expect that he was going to age. In fact, the veteran said that he was surprised by the old guy that he saw in the mirror. The feeling felt by the old man is the same with the feeling that a lot of old people experience. Old people who were once nurses, doctors, caregivers and lawyers can still see their past selves in the mirror. The memories that are stored in their minds help them to reflect on the things that they did during their youthful years. Time cannot erase the fact that these elders were once the assets of their countries. These elders were once the loving parents to their children. And the contribution that these elders did to their family and countries are crucial and incomparable.

aging gracefully

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