Chameleon For a Day: That Awkward Moment When Your Outfit Matches The Wallpaper.

If you’re anything like me your morning routine either involves taking forever to pick out an outfit, or wearing something that you’ve carefully picked out the night before. You put it on, look in the mirror and say, that’ll do pig… or something like that. Then you head out into the world and try to blend in (or stand out, I’m not really sure what you are like). But sometimes, by mistake, you blend in too well. Take this woman for example:


She checked into a hotel only to find out that she matched the wallpaper. So what do you do in this situation? Burn your clothes? Stand against the wall in an effort to hide? Nah. She did the best thing possible, she took a photo, posted it to Reddit and became viral.

Just like her, many have made this fashion faux pas. Click here to see more awful outfits!

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