The People We Said Goodbye To In 2016

The year is almost over and many people look forward to kicking 2016 in the rear as it exits the door. Just when you thought the year couldn’t get any worse, it did.

Politically, 2016 was the year of Brexit and the Trump campaign and election. Acts of terror spread fear both domestically in Orlando, and overseas in Nice and Syria. Zika virus compromised the health of an entire generation of children in South America, and BLM protests proved that we are still very divided when it comes to the politics surrounding race. Oh, and the Cubs won the world series. How backwards is that?

Aside from the above series of events, this last year saw an unusual number of celebrity deaths; beloved artists, entertainers, musicians, athletes, leaders and heroes. Bowie, Prince, Ali, Cohen. Some more recognizable than others, each person raised the bar and pushed boundaries.

Continue reading for a deeper look at the people that left a powerful mark on the world as we pay homage to those that are no longer with us.

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