15 Everyday Objects with Secret Uses You Don’t Know About

Every day we see or use these items without thinking twice about their design or purpose. For example, did you know that tiny pocket in your jeans has a purpose? it’s there to hold a pocket watch.

Okay, so the vestigial pocket in your jeans isn’t life altering… But I promise that after seeing this album you’ll be kicking yourself for not using these hacks sooner.

1. Pot Pan Handle

Your pots and pans have a small hole in the handle. I always thought this was just for hanging them if that was something that you wanted to do, but you can rest your spoon there. The hole on the end of the pot handle is a perfect way to hold onto it, then the drips can go back in the pot and save you a bit of cleaning when you’re done.

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2. The Hole in Elevator Doors

Have you ever noticed the weirdo peep hole in elevator doors? Well don’t worry, nobody is spying on you, this hole is a special keyhole for emergency workers to open doors in case of an emergency.

3. Aluminum Foil/Plastic Wrap Boxes

Hate it when the roll comes out and it crumples and then you have a mini breakdown and need a break? No, just me. While, this is one I think almost everyone is guilty of not noticing. Punch in the little tabs on the end of the boxes to hold the rolls in and save you from some embarrassing moments.

4. The Hole in Your Pen Cap

I’ve always thought that this hole was there so my pen didn’t explode or to dry it up or something like that. Turns out that pen caps are one of the most common things that children choke on, so they’ve been designed not to block your airway.

5. Bread Tags

I had no idea about this one! The color of the tag represents the day of the week that the bread is baked, so you can always determine which loaf is the freshest. Normally the days are in alphabetical order, but this might vary between companies.

Monday = Blue
Tuesday = Green
Thursday = Red
Friday = White
Saturday = Yellow

Now you know too!

6. Plastic Cup Lid

If your local café gives you a cup with a clear plastic lid, that lid has a dual purpose, it is also a coaster! The cup is designed to sit perfectly onto the lid so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your tables.

7. Gas Tank Arrow

If you’re like me and have two cars with gas tanks on opposite sides, filling up can get confusing. Did you know that right beside the gas icon there is a little arrow? That arrow points to the side of the car that your gas tank is on, so you will never have to guess again!

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8. The ‘57’ on a Glass Heinz Ketchup Bottle

Not only is this 57 a form of branding, it is also a functional part of the bottle. Never stick a knife in there again, just slap the 57 logo and it will side right out.

9. Chinese Take-out Containers

Save on the dishes with this hack! The Chinese take-out containers are more useful than you think, simply unfold the package and it transforms into a plate that you can now enjoy your food on.

10. Tic-Tac Lids

If you’re a weirdo and only like to have one tic tac at a time, the lid is specially designed just for you! Did you know that the lid can dispense just one tic tac if you turn it as shown in the pic.

11. Pasta Spoon Hole

I always thought this was just to drain water or something, but it’s way more useful than that, especially if you care about portions! Apparently, the amount of spaghetti that fits in this hole is the perfect amount for one person, measure twice if you’re not dining solo tonight.

12. Apple Sauce Lids

No spoon, no problem! Instead of eating it like a sad dog (not that I’ve ever done that before…) you can fold the lid on your apple sauce containers into a little spoon. It’s specifically designed for this purpose believe it or not.

13. Juice Boxes

Ever give a little kid a juice box just to watch them piss it all out through the straw? NOT ANYMORE! Just lift the two tabs on the side of the box and it makes it impossible (or just not so easy) to accidentally squirt it everywhere.

14. The Tab on Your Soda Can

Soda can tabs have holes in them, not something that surprises anyone, but why? The design would be just as functional without the hole. Turns out that the hole is designed to hold a straw in the can so that it doesn’t just keep floating to the top.

15. The Long Neck on a Pop Bottle

It’s not just for show, the long neck has a very important purpose. When you drink from a glass bottle of pop, or other beverage of choice, you should be holding the neck. Turns out that the neck is designed for you to get a good grip and to also avoid heating up your drink with your hand.

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