21 Ways to Exercise Without Hitting a Gym

Crowded, sweaty gyms filled with weight machines that you aren’t sure how to use or are just too intimidating doesn’t sound like much fun. If you’re trying to fit exercise into your everyday routine, but just don’t want to deal with the gym, try these 21 fun ways to unexpectedly burn some calories.

1. Imagine how many calories you’ll burn just taking your dog for a walk. Just be sure to make him keep up with your pace to keep your heart rate going.

2. Try volunteering to clean up the local park or garbage on the side of the road. Your muscles will even get a work out carrying those bags around.

3. Just imagine how many calories you can burn just running around and playing frisbee with a group of friends.

4. After dinner, try to go for a 30 minute walk instead of just sitting yourself down in front of the TV. All you need to do is a nice even slow pace just as long as your moving is all that matters.

5. Try getting your hands a little dirty by cleaning out that garden or setting a new one up. You can even clean out the weeds that have starting growing in the backyard.

6. Hit the lake and go for a canoe ride. Its amazing how active this can be and how great you’ll feel.

7. Your kids are running around like crazy and so should you. They are bundles of energy and will keep you going.

8. Get out and explore. Look for nearby trails and go for a nature hike. Imagine all the beautiful things you will see that you won’t even realize you’re exercising.

9. Turn your living room into a dance room in seconds. Just pick out your favourite tune and start dancing around for 15 minutes.

10. Try playing a sport. Search out a team that you could join or just hit a local court at your park and hit some hoops.

11. When you can, instead of driving to work, try riding your bike. Even just once a week will do wonders.

12. To get a great core work out, grab a hula-hoop and see how long you can keep it going before it falls.

13. During commercial breaks instead of surfing the web, try doing some sit ups or planks. See how many you can do during those brakes!

14. Hit up the local pool. Walk, tread water, laps, strokes or anything you can just imagine how many calories you’ll burn.

15. Check out YouTube and see what kind of videos they have that you can work out to. You can pick a different work out each day and the best part, they’re free.

16. Go to your neighbourhood playground and play as if you’re a kid. Up-and-down slides and pumping on swings will burn calories in no time.

17. If it’s cold and snowy out why not hit the hills and do some sledding. Running up that hill will get your heart rate going and it will be so much fun sliding back down.

18. If you can, try doing cartwheels, they’re just as fun as they use to be when you were little. See how many you can do.

19. Why not try skipping you can do it around the house or even it outside. It’s amazing how you’ll feel.

20. If you’re stuck at a desk, try to a few decks exercises throughout the day to keep your heart rate up and your muscles toned. Be sure to get up and walk around as well. Avoid elevators and take the stairs always.

21. Instead of taking the car to the grocery store, try walking. Then carry your groceries home and give your triceps a good workout.

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