Human Beings Are Beautiful Creatures

This collection of images shows just how beautiful the human race is. We are genetically diverse individuals, each one unique and special in their own rite.

This collection of powerful images embraces this uniqueness by showing us how spectacular humans really are.

A Maori woman

Skater Girls in Tehran

Dutch models, shot in the Netherlands with Belgian draft horses by a Russian-French photographer. That’s a mouthful!

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A Woman with vitiligo

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12 Scientists

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Mexican police having quesadillas for lunch during protests. A man’s gotta eat!

A child enjoying the fall

Astronaut Anna Fisher

Tasty treats from Istanbul

Hawaiian surfer Ha’a Keaulana running across the ocean floor with a 50 pound boulder. She is training to survive the massive surf waves.

Young Nora seeing a field of cows grazing for the first time

An exhausted surgeon monitors his patient’s vitals after a 23-hour heart transplant, performed with outdated equipment. His assistant is asleep in the corner. Poland 1987.

Sons of dead Iranian soldiers recreate the last photo of their fathers

18 year old Malcolm Subban after being drafted in the first round by the Boston Bruins

Girls of China’s Long-horn Miao tribe wear huge head dresses made from the hair of their deceased ancestors. Guizhou, China

A Heavy Metal fan in Sub-Saharan Africa

A lawyer and his assistant

A woman’s last moments with her best friend

A tribesman from rural Papua New Guinea with his face painted like an undead spirit

Stanislav Petrov, the man who made the decision not to fire at the United States, after a faulty report from the Russian missile detection that a nuke had been fired. This probably prevented WWIII

Her Majesty the Queen bursts into a rare smile as she passes her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh

Nihang Sikh

An old Russian couple from Khalilov village, Russia. They have been married for 65 years

Alcoholic father with his son. Heartbreaking…

A young child using a rock as a camera

Israeli bread saleswoman

10-year-old Yemeni girl after she was granted a divorce from her abusive husband

A North Korean man waves at his South Korean brother after inter-Korean temporary family reunions. 2010

A Kurdish fighter walks with his child in the streets of Kobani, Syria after they recaptured it from ISIS.

A Portrait of an African woman

Enjoying life!

An emotional woman after giving birth

Child sleeping with Reindeer in Mongolia

An old man with his cat

Fresh French Fries

Princess Diana shakes hands with an AIDS patient without gloves. This was a profound gesture at the time, 1991

The Irish President meets the new Senegalese Ambassador

A young boy plays with his tablet while his mother smokes with a friend

A woman in Blue

Dance like nobody’s watching

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