Sweet Toddler Consoles And Hugs Her Dog Even Though He Broke Her Bowl [cute video]

Charlie (the dog) is guilty of his crime but the toddler’s reaction is priceless!

Children can be difficult sometimes but because of their innocence, they can perform angelic acts every now and then. This clip shows a toddler whose favorite bowl has clearly been broken by her pet dog. As the toddler points to the bowl and continues with her baby talk, the dog sits at the same spot looking guilty as if he knows that he has done something wrong. You would expect the toddler to wail uncontrollably or scold the dog but something interesting that will melt your heart happens; she proceeds to hug the dog! The cute princess tries to make her pet dog feel all better instead of piling on his guilt. She takes an approach that is very uncommon with babies and in return the dog tries to lick her face affectionately, perhaps relieved that his mistake has been forgiven. Maybe we should all try to teach our kids to be compassionate just like this little angel.

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