The Owlet: Saving Babies Lives One Sock at a Time

Owlet uses pulse oximetry and is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. So, go ahead and get a full nights sleep knowing that an extra set of eyes are watching over your baby. This is Michelle’s story.

Every new parent worries about their baby while they are sleeping, some even waking up throughout the night just to make sure their little one is safe and sound. Michelle Blanchard is a parent who can relate to this, as she would wake up every 45 minutes to check on her preemie daughter to make sure she was breathing at night. In an effort to help this sleepy mother, Michelle’s friend gave her an Owlet, which is an electronic sock that monitors the vitals of the baby. If the smart sock senses the baby suffocating, it sends an alert to the parent via a monitor kept in their room.

Michelle used this sock for her daughter every night, and one of those nights the light woke her up because the sock sensed the baby was not breathing. She was able to run to her daughter’s room and help to start breathing again, which very well may have saved her life. Owlet is helping parents just like Michelle not only get more sleep, but also have peace of mind that otherwise wouldn’t be present.

The Owlet: Saving Babies Lives One Sock at a Time

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