Watch This Leaf Bug Take A Poo

The title says it all…

There are certain things in nature that are unbelievable, but there are also many that are flat out interesting. Case in point: the leaf bug going to the bathroom in this video. Sure this might seem “gross”, but if you take that factor out of it, it’s actually really cool! Not many people actually realize that these small little insects go to the bathroom, let alone how they do it. By just watching it once you’ll see that nature really is magical and special, even with something as simple as a bathroom trip for a leaf bug.

Although this insect is teeny tiny and almost transparent, it goes to the restroom just like everyone else does! This certainly does humanize it, and make it a little bit cuter now that we know how it happens. And while you might not want to watch every insect going to the bathroom, you can always reference back to this video next time you want to share something cool with friends.

Watch This Leaf Bug Take A Poo

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