How To Calm A Crying Baby

Dr. Hamilton shows how to calm a crying baby. This technique has been utilized by Dr. Bob to quiet infants during office visits. Parents have learned it and have experienced great success at home. You can too.

Whether you have kids or your friends and family do, you know how tiring it can be to get a baby to stop crying. It can feel impossible to placate them when they are crying for a long time, even after being fed and changed. Fortunately there are many tricks in the book, including one from pediatrician Robert Hamilton. Over his time of being a doctor he’s met thousands of babies and has learned tried and true techniques for helping them become content during a crying fit. One of the most effective techniques is to hold the baby a certain way, which is detailed below if you’re interested in trying it out.

To start this technique, gently grab the baby and fold their arms across their chest. Next, secure the arms with one of your hands and grab the diaper area with your dominate hand. Hold the baby at a 45 degree angle while you gently rock them back and forth or shake their butt. You should also allow the baby’s head to rest on the hand that’s placed across their chest, as this will help keep their head in place much more securely than it would be otherwise. The baby will take a lot of comfort in this, and should quiet down immediately.

If you try this technique, remember that the baby must be held at a 45 degree angle rather than straight up and down, otherwise the baby might move their head and cause you to lose balance holding them. If you try this technique out and it doesn’t calm the baby down, then check if their other needs are being met. Generally they’ll only keep crying if they are wet, hungry or are feeling sick. Hopefully this helps you calm a baby next time you need to provide them with comfort so you can rest and enjoy your time!

How To Calm A Crying Baby

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