Because He Can [awesome cat video]

This cat is a real badass.

Cats are usually so cute especially when they look at you with those eyes that make you just want to hold them and play with them. They are known to be very playful pets too. You can never get enough of cat videos because of the stuff that they do, hilarious to be honest.

In a YouTube clip posted by PoachedEggs 101, you can see a cat who just decides to show off. The manner in which it does this will definitely leave you in stitches because it even has an audience to boot. So in the clip you see this cat trying to turn the door knob and successfully opening the door. How many times do you see that happen? While it does this, there is a cat-door that has specifically been designed for cats to use in getting into and out of the house. What happens next is even funnier because after opening the main door, the cat decides to use the cat-door because why not?

It is something straight out of the “I bet you can’t do this” book. The cat outside must have been told to wait and watch what happens while the one inside had waited in anticipation to see if the cool cat could actually pull it off. After he does that he then goes through the cat-door leaving the main door ajar. That is pure comedy. The other two cats must have been saying “Yeah, go on and show off you.” The scene of them standing there while the cool cat displays it’s prowess is comic gold. Who would have thought that cats can also do stuff just because they can? Some little display of ego once in a while is not bad because apparently even the cats love it.

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Because He Can [awesome cat video]

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