GoPro Falls Into Pit of Rattlesnakes [trigger warning: SNAKES!]

If you are afraid of snakes, do not watch this video!


There are people who love adventure. Whether it’s going on a road trip or scuba diving, it’s all about the thrill for fun and adrenaline rush. One of the things that really stands out with most adventures is the new experiences that come along with them. It is always good to discover the hidden gems of mother earth because it really has a lot to offer. Change of scenery calms the mind and provides a much needed break from the daily routines and hustles that you are used to. The idea of adventure differs to so many people on multiple fronts. Some prefer the extremes, going into the wild and interacting with nature while others prefer more safe and calm activities.

A camera comes in handy during most of these adventures, to capture the moments for generations to come. The memories made forever embedded in that little device and preserved as long as possible. The nature lovers cannot go to these excursions without their cameras because in the wild you see what you are not used to and get to experience very rare moments with nature. So if you love wild adventures or even documenting life in the wild, would you consider going near a pit full of rattlesnakes to record how the snakes move and go about their lives? I mean, the mental picture of that alone makes one cringe so i don’t know how it would be if you actually got to do it.

In a YouTube clip posted by Michael Delaney, you see an adventurous couple doing exactly that. In the video you can see a pit full of rattlesnakes, almost tens or hundreds of them moving and intertwining with one another. Their rattling, from which they get their names, never more conspicuous. The couple film’s and at some point the snakes try to bite at the camera, their tongues out as a sign that they have been rattled. At some point the GoPro falls into the pit and the guy actually tries to and eventually retrieves it. Would you try to retrieve the camera if it were you?

Watch the clip for yourself and tell us what you would do by leaving your comments in the comments section. Please share the video with your Facebook friends and see their reactions.

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GoPro Falls Into Pit of Rattlesnakes [trigger warning: SNAKES!]

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