D.I.Why? Sometimes It’s Best to Call a Professional

We’re all guilty of it, keeping things around thinking, “I’m going to fix it someday!” when in reality, it’s trash.

DIY projects are all the rage these days, we have entire websites, forums, and television networks dedicated to it. Those crafty photos and videos that get posted to Facebook and Pinterest that you save and think, “Oh I’m totally going to do that!” only to never think of again.

Why are we so obsessed with taking our trash and making it beautiful or fixing it ourselves? Is it cheapness? Environmental? Whatever the case, sometimes safety can be a concern and we should either do it the right way or call someone that knows how to.

Take this image for example:


Was that really the best way to fix your flat tire? Did you really have nothing else on hand and couldn’t be bothered to call a tow truck? WHY?!

Continue reading for more D. I. Why? projects that will have you calling a contractor next time your washing machine breaks.

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