Mom Makes Masterpieces Our Of Her Daughter’s Doodles [Video]

Brilliant and beautiful. It’s amazing to see how this mother daughter team arrived at the finished picture. Such a lovely way to bring out the creativity in each other.

Every wonder what’s behind your toddler’s doodles? Watch as this mother interprets her daughter’s scribbles into a stunning water colour painting. In this video you will see how the collaboration unfolds starting with her toddler drawing the outline, with her toes!

“The longer I stared at this drawing the more I saw a ship begin to form. Something about it reminded me of a broken ship headed to the edge of a waterfall, perhaps even the edge of the earth.”

Watch as the imagination of both mother and daughter unfold.

Painting by Ruth Oosterman. A Canadian artist, mother and prankster that discovered the beauty and innocence in collaborating with her two year old daughter, Eve.

Mom Makes Masterpieces Our Of Her Daughter’s Doodles [Video]

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