Neckbeard Nests And PC Gamer Battlestations

What is a neckbeard?


The Google dictionary says a neckbeard is “a growth of hair on a man’s neck, especially when regarded as indicative of poor grooming.”


Know Your Meme on the other hand describes a neckbeard as “Neckbeard is a pejorative term referring to unattractive, overweight and misogynistic Internet users who wear a style of facial hair in which a majority of the growth is present on the chin and neck. Neckbeards are commonly associated with hipster stereotypes and Internet addicts who frequent websites like 4chan and Reddit.”

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Lastly, Encyclopaedia Dramatica describes a neckbeard as “A Neckbeard (also known as a neard, a portmanteau, or the bloatee) is the strange under-the-chin hair growth only seen on fatties, drug addicts with a messianic complex and UNIX programmers. It is derived from the “Abe Lincoln” (not to be confused with the sex move as the neckbearded have no relation to sex). The purpose of this beard is to delineate the neck from the chin when the two have merged due to obesity, forming a bullfrog neck. Wearers hope it will make them look like a badass from Hackers or The Matrix, yet it merely reminds observers of fucking chin lack.”

A neckbeard is to beards as the comb-over is to hair. It is never, ever cool.

So, what’s a neckbeard nest?


Neckbeard nests are the battlestations PC gamers use to pwn noobs and post troll comments on the internet.

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The PC Master Race?

1 - iCYRXhn

2 - tjwmPC3

3 - 6yhUD90

More like PC master DISGRACE! (that was a burn)

It’s easy to keep your icons lined up when the computer does the work for you

1 - nbeIwRB

2 - VmTQL4s

3 - MFHlebe

4 - XxCSXU1

Keeping your battlestation clean is a much more difficult task.

What Sorcery is this?

1 - paw6psP

2 - lAHCWhv

3 - coGhq1r

4 - 8AeOsO3

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

The perfect dungeon for gaming… and creating sick beats

1 - Jn92QiF-thingslife

2 - 4ZvMuSF-thingslife

3 - OwuZF7n-thingslife

4 - 7iPcjv2-thingslife

I wonder if that xbox is complete with The Red Ring of Death?

Each monitor adds +500 XP

1 - OZwaQnr-thingslife

2 - 2yNVwHx-thingslife

3 - 1pAu4HR-thingslife

Cola powered



Who’s got time for cleaning when their are noobs to pwn?

These images should be a good reminder to update your anti-virus



What is that contraption on the desk?

Have you thought about switching operating systems yet?



Such dungeon



xbox room of shame

1 - udYQr94

2 - 5Krr2mo

3 - 8mRLEDH

This is what happens when you upgrade to windows 10


You’ve been warned


I need a drink too.

This guy beat you at halo


And then did one of those tea bag things.

Everyone knows there are no games on playstation


Dirty console peasants…


Hydration is key to hitting max level

How PC gamers really live





Retro gaming nest

1 - 8tq27Fm

2 - 9X8fHps

3 - 7O5OxeB

4 - Isx2PNO

No Apple user would ever live like this.

1 - jm7Dufo-thingslife

2 - b2dh0ie-thingslife

3 - AoS0cqI-thingslife

4 - P6dJXrK-thingslife

5 - e8KQJY8-thingslife

The tub is a very safe place for a battlestation!



Hit next for moar!

Someone enjoys a good cheese curl snack

1 - vjR2uJ1

2 - TaHrIjG

3 - nq1L18v

Keep going, there is so much goodness ahead!

Gotta administer those systems from somewhere!

1 - piYt5kj

2 - 3vLV8FU

3 - nHX3E4D

4 - 4a0Iftm

5 - QLRR7Oj

6 - YZmAPyO

7 - qsIOUQf

8 - SnfBQyq

Can you spot the battlestation?

01 - toql2ZV

02 - q52yZt1

03 - gRISGUJ

04 - 2VFTHq6

05 - CfoxCOX

06 - p2Vlnbw

07 - 3KR8R96

08 - y5JN2cu

09 - M1apQmx

10 - ucYCJQS

11 - 4qtsCMb

No nest is complete without a fedora

1 - Garbage all over the bed

2 - Of fuckin039 course

3 - More garbage in between the bed and the wall

4 - 8mCAeO4

5 - Garbage all over the nightstand

This is where all the flea market DVDs come from…


A random assortment of goodies…

1 - 2hMPgzg-thingslife

2 - g0m01Rn-thingslife

3 - hafwCBT-thingslife

4 - m4LiEln-thingslife

5 - 1eR3fvH-thingslife

6 - NLaPj31-thingslife

7 - 9Pt2gYh-thingslife

The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!


Is it time to install Linux?

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