Ceramics Masters Elegantly Crafting Unforgettable Pieces of Art

A beautiful look at the lost art of Korean Ceramics.

Ceramic pottery is a gorgeous form of art that most people have in their homes, but unfortunately the individuals who create these pieces are often not recognized for their skill. The level of precision a person has to have to create a stunning piece is remarkable, and that’s why these experts are worth learning more about. In this video you’ll enjoy watching three Ceramics Masters, Lee Hyang-Gu,You Yong-Chul and Choi In-Gyu, bring gorgeous pieces of art to life. With the twist of the wheel these masters are able to craft clay into stunning shapes, like large plates, oblong vases and animal bowls.

While it might be enjoyable to watch a painter bring a picture to life, the elegance and grace that these Ceramics Masters use makes it easy to watch them all day. The relaxing way they spin the clay and artful way they cut shapes is something to be remembered and truly cherished. Each master has a unique way of doing things, and it seems as though no move they make will be the wrong one. They are true experts with clay, their hands seeming to move independent from their body with purpose and delicacy.

Each piece of art crafted is one that has many years of experience behind it. With the slight cut of a knife or push of a stamp the clay takes on a new look, showing detail that no machine could replicate. It takes many years and thousands of creations for Ceramics Masters to learn these exact techniques, showing just how much patience the artists have. As you see each ceramic piece brought to life, from the vase to the bowl, you’ll see the astounding attention to detail that is given. Before you know it the video will be over, but the appreciation for this form of art is one you won’t forget.

Ceramics Masters Elegantly Crafting Unforgettable Pieces of Art

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